Bridgestone Enduro FIM 663 F, 90/90 -21

Bridgestone Enduro FIM 663 F, 90/90 -21",

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Model/Varenr.: BR78529
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ED663 / ED668 are designed specifically for harsh enduro conditions and gives
cornering grip and control on everything from muddy to hard surface.
Approved for highway. Approved by the FIM, recommended by the world's top drivers.

Competition Approved 

Both front and rear tires are within the permissible standards and have been approved by DOT and FIM for racing.

Incredible grip 

From clay to hard terrain, the Enduro is all about grip, and it is something that both the ED663 and ED668 has in plenty.

Genuine cornering force 

Feel the difference in grip in the curves of a variety of conditions. Feel how the tire biting into the ground without losing the sense of control.

Technical perfection 

Bridgestone Enduro advanced technology allows you to cut through sand and clay like butter for maximum performance in races with soft ground.

Superior knobb design 

Optimized height and distribution of the knobbs ensures excellent traction and contact sensation, giving you more possible routes on the track.

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